Saturday, October 25, 2008

...first month of marriage...

To say the last week was crazy is an understatement....I have been away on a business trip, so back to the basics of life...

  • Fresh off the Married train, and Month One (not pregnant), yes mom we are trying... trust me we are trying.
  • Yipee I finished it, my second reading of Twilight, OK Edward DAZZLE me.... how many more days until November 21st?
  • Secret Santa: I got my girl...just blog stalking, and learning what I can to create a fun little package...
  • Halloween...its when, OH NO I still don't have a costume, do you think if I wear regular clothes, I can say I am suppose to be Bella?
  • Hubby, you really are a treat, wow...daises when I got home... someone is gonna get a little...kiss, when my cold goes away
  • Thank You Cards: you say we have a year? Good, I started on the Honeymoon, but really only finished a few, not sure when I will get back to them
  • Have I really grownup? I went out to breakfast with my highschool GF last week, and we have nothing in common anymore :O(
  • Pub Trivia Thursday night was a blast, not sure how many drinks I had... What is the name of the Three Wise Men? Umm Dude that is so not in the Bible... trust me I Googled that Sh*t as soon as I got back to my hotel room... Tommy the Bartender you ROCK!
  • Wedding pictures are suppose to be available today... Hey Mr. Photographer, wake up and release them Pretty PLEASE!!
  • Time to get Skinny (again), yeah I know I have said it... Twives (Tuesday Wives) is suppose to Start Weight Watchers, (theJonese) swear by Cross Fit, has anyone invented the magic book that you read and you get skinny? I can read and get Skinny, I just cant exercise, eat right, and loose weight, is there something wrong with me?
  • Monday (drove 4 hours) to the Sales Meeting, had a blast seeing all my Rep's. TUES/WED/Thur meetings, and schmoozing. Friday (5 hour drive) YIPEE I am HOME!!!
  • the 10year is this weekend, I am so not going, I am heavier, still not finished with College, and honestly just feel like crap, can I stay home pretty please
  • Not sure I should even say anything but HSM 3 here I come!!! Troy is just so DREAMY! even is he is a little young for me....
OK so that was a whole lot of nothing... but hey that usually how conversations go with me... with the attention span of a goldfish, you might get more then two bullet points that go together...

Catch ya on the flip side.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fall into Reading 2008 Update

Update for Fall 2008 Fall into reading!!!

Check out Callapidder Days, and her annual Fall into reading challange!

  1. The Secret Life of CeeCee Wilkes, by Diane Chamberlain
    • finished on the Honeymoon
  2. The Negotiator, by Dee Henderson
    • finished 10/7
  3. The Garduan, by Dee Henderson
    • finished 10/25
  4. Bitter is the New Black, by Jen Lancaster
    • finished on the Honeymoon
  5. Dear Neighbor, Drop Dead by Saralee Rosenberg
    • finished 10/8
  6. The Book Thief, by Markus Zusak
    • finished 10/5
  7. Sunset, Karen Kingsbury
    • finished on the honeymoon
...back to my book!