Saturday, March 27, 2010


I have the most wonderful, and supportive hubby on the planet. He lets me knit, and read, and shop and blog, and watch Days of Our Lives in bed...with him.

My son is adorable, and I do not mean in the "I am the mommy, and I am biased kind of way"... I mean he is C.U.T.E. cute, he has a ton of hair, he is always smiling, and laughing, and has the most amazing blue eyes! Everyone we meet, or know thinks this is true, so must be true right?

Right now I am sitting in the backyard lounging, hubby is weeding our little garden, and EJ is squealing in delight at who knows what.

I am exactly sure when it happened, but the other day I realized something. I am HAPPY, we are talking shout it at the top of your lungs, celebrate with chocolate cake, the sun is shining and birds are singing HAPPY!!!

...when did that happen?

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Another year older....

in the words of my youngest brother"dude that's a ton of candles"... as if I did not notice!!
-but then again thirty has not been so bad! I received many wonderful gifts from my friends and family and best of all I learned that at midnight on March 7/8 I did NOT turn into a pumpkin.

On Monday night my husband and friends had a small surprise party for me,
something I had never had before, it was pretty awesome!
Some of my gifts included (a new pair of Ice Skates), (Money to spend on YARN),
(board games), (money for Amazon), plus lots of other little things.

One of my gifts was a list from my dear friend lisa...
this list made me smile and made me cry-so I had to share:

as written by Lisa: 30-things I like about you:
  1. your enthusiasm
  2. the smell of your shampoo (pureology for the record)
  3. your curiosity
  4. your love of reading
  5. your taste in yarn
  6. your decor ala' photography
  7. the way you interact with my kids
  8. your hunger for God
  9. your lack of filter
  10. EJ
  11. your recommended reading list
  12. your passion
  13. your creativity
  14. your nervousness of turning 30
  15. the joy you find in EJ
  16. your journey with God
  17. Your drive
  18. your smile
  19. the way you love knitting
  20. the way you process through your fears
  21. the you&max story
  22. your honest heart
  23. the way you introduced us to the art of the cupcake
  24. the willingness to try something new
  25. your faith
  26. you decisiveness
  27. the invitation you extended to me to be at EJ's birth
  28. your loyalty
  29. watching you become a mom
  30. our friendship
-I have to say this list was by far one of my most favorite gifts,
I am so grateful for Lisa and her friendship...
It is truly the best gift of all! A gift from God!