Sunday, September 23, 2012

Disneyland 2012

We were excited to start the day in Goofy's Kitchen with Shawn, Gina and Redeem.
There were lots of characters to meet and tons of phenomenal food to eat!

Then it was time to head to Downtown Disney to see all the fun stuff on sale.  And we got to see the Space Shuttle Endeavor fly over Disneyland.  It was a very cool and historical moment.
Then it was time to head back to the hotel for some R&R before heading back to the park.  At the park we wandered for a while doing some light pin-trading and picked up some soft pretzel mickey heads to snack on.  We found a good spot to enjoy our pretzels and to watch the Mickey's Soundsational Parade.

We met up with our friends Jeff and Colleen and headed to Rancho del Zocalo for some yummy Sonora Burritos.  After dinner we headed over to Disneyland California Adventure for World of Color...again.  We stopped by the sweet shop on our way and grabbed some desert.  When we arrived at World of Color we ran into a problem with our premium seats.  Apparently the attendant forgot to put our names down for the premium seats, so we got shunted to one of their 'reserved' areas.  It was a pretty good view, but no actual seats.  We did get to see the whole show this time though.  We headed back to the bus to the Toy Story Parking Lot.  At the Buzz lot we said goodby to Jeff and Colleen and headed back to the hotel.  We packed up all of our stuff and stuffed it back into the car, filled up the gas and got ready to go.  By then it was 2:30AM, so we decided to sleep until later in the morning.  We left the hotel for the last time and drove and drove and drove (about 7 hours).  The funny thing is we didn't really hit any traffic until we made it up to the bay area.  And then we were finally home.  We unpacked for a while and then went to sleep, and our trip was officially over. 

Friday, September 21, 2012

Disneyland 2012

Today we headed out early to Disneyland.  We started out with some light pin trading trying to expand EJ's collection of mamarail pins.  We were feeling a disturbance in the force, so we headed to the Jedi Training Academy to check it out.

EJ didn't get in on the class, but he did think that Darth Vader was awesome, so I was satisfied.  Once Vader was vanquished we wandered over to DCA where we ran into some of our other friends who are down here.  We headed over to pick up our pick-nick lunch and our  entry tickets for World of Color

Then back over to Cars Land for some more Radiator Springs Racers!  I went through twice and it was awesome (I recommend the single rider line, it is WAY faster)!
We needed to cool off after that awesome racing around the Cars world! So we headed back to the puddle park where EJ once again had a great time.  Wile the kids were cooling off at the puddle park, the adults headed off to the Tower of Terror.
After EJ had cooled off enough, he and I went on Heimlich's Chew Chew Train.
By this time we were quite warm so we headed off to Grizzly River Run, but it was broken down, so we headed for Ghirardelli.  After sucking down the last of our yummy treat, we headed back over to check on Grizzly River Run, but it was still not working so we headed to Redwood Creek Challenge Trail to let EJ get some of his wiggles out.  Once he was finished running around we headed over and finally got onto Grizzly River Run and got plenty wet.  We headed over to Cars Land again to see if EJ needed any fun stuff with his allowence, he picked up a sweatshirt, a Lego Mater, and a plush Lightning McQueen.  Time for dinner and we decided on an old favorite, clam chowder!  By the time dinner was over, it was about time to head over for World of Color.  We met our friends the Hobbs there and started to enjoy the show.

Unfortunately, World of Color broke after about 20 minutes and so they gave us premium seating for tomorrow nights preference.  On our way out, we decided to check out Cars Land all lit up at night.

And then we went back to the hotel and ended another beautiful day in Disneyland!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Disneyland 2012

Today was a rest day for EJ and I, while Helga went on an adventure with Yarnvista, Headmistress at Hogwarts(HPKCHC).  EJ and I stayed at the hotel room cleaning and relaxing.  EJ got in a nice 2&1/2 hour nap.  EJ and I headed to Downtown Disney at about 2:30 to meet up with Helga and Yarnvista and wandered with them for about 40 minutes and enjoyed some ice-cream at Haagendazs.  Then it was time to say bye-bye to Yarnvista and onto the monorail (pronounced mamarail by EJ) into Disneyland.  We wandered around a bit trying to find some mamarail pins to trade for EJ's collection.  We decided it was time for some yo-ho yo-ho a pirates life for me (Pirates of the Caribbean ride).  A chicken Sonora Burrito from Rancho del Zocalo hit the hunger spot.  Then we walked towards the main gate looking for more mamarail pins.  We ended with 2 more pins from all the trading today.  Then it was time to head back to the hotel to finish out the night.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Another awesome day at Disneyland!  This time we were over to DCA.  Our intrepid guide had to check his map to find the way to our first destination-Radiator Springs.

We had a good look around Radiator Springs and then decided on Luigi's Flying Tires again.  And it was just as awesome as last time!  By now it was getting warm, so we went on the Grizzly River Run to cool off a bit. The Hollywood Back Lot was our next stop.  We headed over to Monsters Inc. Mike & Sulley to the Rescue, times two.  We also got to see Mickey and the Newsies singing and dancing in the street.  We also caught the Disney Jr live show.
In Bug's Life we ran into an actual bug!
We said good-bye to Flick and headed to the Puddle Park.
By now the adults in the crowd just had to checkout Radiator Springs Racers!  It was pretty darn awesome!  By now the kids wanted to see the Little Mermaid ride.  Now it was time for some food, and oh yea, a little more Dole Whip in the form of a float.  As for the food, we headed over to Rancho del Zocalo.  Then it was over to Tomorrow Land for some Astroblasters, Astroblasters, and in case you missed it the first two times, a little more Astroblasters!  By now we were pretty worn out and so it was back to the hotel for a lovely dinner provided by Shawn & Gina Hobbs.  After dinner for some light entertainment, EJ amazed us all by putting together a brand new puzzle in under 5 minutes by himself.  After that Shawn, Helga, EJ and I worked on another new Disney puzzle.

And then it was time to call it a night!


Today Helga and the Hobbs headed out early for Disneyland while I caught up on sleep.  We met up at Its a Small World and headed over to Star Tours.  Shawn and Helga went on Star Tours while Gina and I along with Redeem and EJ tried to get on Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters. 

Unfortunately the ride broke down while we were in line, so it was off to the store to check out merchandise.  Then we met back up with Shawn and Helga and Helga and Gina went off to Space Mountain.  Then we were off to Innovations to see the world of tomorrow.  We watched Honda's ASIMO walk and talk and interact with the crowd  Then we headed in to see the new technology upstairs and EJ got to have some fun playing Fruit Ninja with his body.
Then onto the innovations Dream Home.  Then Shawn challenged me at Buzz Lightyear Astroblasters and so we headed over to see who was the best marksman in the Galactic Alliance.  We both made it to level 4, but I was ahead in the end.  Then someone walked by with an R2D2 full of popcorn, so we had to get in on that action.  Then we headed back to Innovations to see more of the Innovations Dream House.  The Mickey's Soundsational Parade was up next and so we headed over to enjoy that.  And a yummy corndog.  EJ was having fun waving at all of his favorite Disney characters like Mickey Mouse, Simba, and Goofey.  When the parade was over we wandered down through the Fairytale Castle and went on the Snow White ride.  By then it was time to head home and finish up another fun day in Disneyland!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Disneyland 2012

Over to Disney California Adventure today.  We got into the park about 8 am and headed over to the brand new Radiator Springs.  We walked around checking out the the sights for a while before jumping on the Luigi's Flying Tires ride

After getting out of the Flying Tires it was snack time.
Then we headed over to Radiator Springs Racers, but EJ was about 1&1/2 inches too short to ride, so we watched the cars zoom by instead.

EJ did not mind not being able to go on the ride since he got to watch the cars zoom by for about an hour.  After resting and watching the racing cars, we headed over to our first meet up with the OUAT fan podcast crowd  After saying hello to our podcast friends, we walked around California Adventure and looked at the pier and looked for SF Giants pins.  Then we headed over for our first and second rides on The Little Mermaid ~ Ariel's Undersea Adventure. 
After our second go around in The Little Mermaid~Ariel's Undersea Adventure EJ was done in.

Then we ran into some of our friends from Petaluma who had just gotten off Grizzly River Run and were headed right back on.  Helga tagged along with them since it was about 85 in the shade.  By now it was about lunch so we looked up our friends the Hobbs who are down here with us and went for Mexican right off of Louisiana Square.  On our way to meet up with the Hobbs, we picked up what could be called the most delicious food in all of Disneyland which is doubly true on a hot day-Dole pineapple ice-cream.
After a delicious lunch, we were headed back to DCA when we ran into someone special!

 Then over to Grizzly River Run but the wait was about an hour so we picked up some fast passes for later. That done, we headed over to The Little Mermaid ~ Ariel's Undersea Adventure for another run.  Then we walked over to the Boardwalk and enjoyed the sights and a little ice-cream too.  Then the Bees headed over to the Back lot for a photo opp with the OUAT fan podcast folks.  We got there early though so we went for a ride on the  Monsters, Inc. Mike & Sulley to the Rescue! ride.  Then over for that photo opp.  And over at the back lot there was an opportunity for a photo for EJ and one of his favorite Disney characters-Jake!
Then we walked DCA some more and watched the Pixar Play Parade.  Then it was dinner at the Paradise Garden Grill.  By  this time the whole family was wiped out and so it way time to say bye to the park.  We needed some supplies so the next stop was Target.  Then at last we headed back to the hotel for some much needed R&R.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Disneyland 2012

We left Petaluma late Friday night and drove through the night arriving early Saturday morning.

 We checked into the hotel and slept until late morning.  Then it was off to Disneyland! We drove to the Toy Story parking lot and then onto EJ's favorite ride-the bus to Disneyland.

Then we wandered around Disneyland for a while.
Then we went onto the Pirates of the Caribbean ride
After Pirates we went back to the hotel for a bit of rest, relaxation, and refreshment.

After a little R&R&R, we headed back to the park. We went to Le Brea Cafe for dinner and to hang out with some of our Once Upon a Time friends.
After the podcast meetup, we headed back home for the evening.