Thursday, January 15, 2015

Thursday, July 3, 2014


...the why

living in a world of excess paying for storage and wearing less than 50% of my clothes that i own- when i realized that i have not had to do laundry in over a month reality struck and that change was needed....

i have signed up for the #project333 challenge, this means 33 article of clothing over a period of three months starting in july-sept-  inspired by several people that i follow on instagram from #project333 i discovered there is a "how to" course you can take here 

the plan is to use the blog as my location to track my progress and answer all the questions that are a part of the journal component of the webcourse....

goal for today is to track down some bins and box up my clothes into the garage- 
lets see if I can do this- wish me luck!  #project333 


What are your 3 favorite outfits?
Black Tank- Long Skirt- Flip Flops
Tagline tee- Jeans- slip on "toms"
Long sleeve dressy- skinny jeans- calf boots

What pieces in your closet would you never wear?
several of my dresses

Why are they still in there?
too lazy to purge, afraid to have remorse once they are gone

Is any of your clothing uncomfortable? (too small, too big,
scratchy material)
still have most of my "fat" clothes, plus a few "when I loose more weight" tops

Why are they still in there?
fear of purge remorse

Describe your lifestyle. Do you work outside of the home? Are
you active? Do you entertain frequently?
work full time, casual (jeans/tee), want to upgrade to cute fashionable, need a few "date" looks but pretty
much casual most of the time....

If you could start over and buy all new clothing, what items
would you include in your list?
love the idea of a modern retro look, simple clean lines, fun handmade pieces, circle skirts, sweatergirl,

Estimate how much money you have spent on clothing, jewelry, accessories and yes... shoes over the past 10 years. If you had that sum of money in your hands right now, would you spend it on
more than I want to acknowledge, and no- we would use the money towards debt-
our #1 goal is to be DEBT FREE!!!!!!

What would it feel like to put all of your jewelry and accessories away for 3 months except for your favorite scarf and necklace?
I would be ok, normally wear wedding set, angel ring, stud earings, cross or pearl-

Monday, April 29, 2013

...10K !!!! now that I have texted all my girlfriends- 
its time to put it on my blog- I am back into Size 12 jeans!!!!!!

Woo Hoo I did not die!!!

This is HUGE!!!
Now that I have experienced the distance- next weeks 5K is not nearly so daunting!

 I am super proud of me- wanna know the secret?  I invited a friends teenager to join me and she did not let me quit, nor was I going to quit with her there to push me.... not to mention when she did not hear the time to walk prompt and kept running.... I would have to catch back up to her- 
to the point where I think she was "not hearing" it on purpose!!

We decided early on to just go for a far as we could- and then call my hubby to pick us up-
this made it easier because I did not have to calculate a turn back distance!   

with Station II now complete- I think I could do Station III for the LOST in running challenge!!!

Friday, April 26, 2013

...when there's a smile in your heart

          ...there's no better time to start

 We are now going into month five of "operation- get off your butt and get into shape".   I know that I have to be loosing weight as my pants are getting too big- the size 14's are able to fall off without being unsnapped and in September they were tight and uncomfortable... so at least I know there has been progress!  

My ultimate goal is to run a half marathon sub 2hours and to get into a size 8 jeans!

I can not tell you the why exactly, but for some reason I have this intense desire to be a runner.  I am sure part of it has to do with the recent trend of runDisney enthusiasts popping up among the people I follow on Facebook   I am sure part of it is that its one of the less expensive ways to get healthy. What I do know that I am really loving the freedom of lacing out a pair of tennis shoes popping in my ear buds and hitting the pavement.

In 2010 as a milestone of my 30th Birthday I chose to participate in the Avenue Of the Giants Half Marathon in Humboldt California, my finishing time for this race was 3:49:39 which broke down to a 17:31min/mile.
This was by far one of the most challenging and also rewarding experiences of that year!  Of course let us not discount that my son was born six months before my race.   At the time I was quite happy with both the race as well as my time as my only goal was to finish without being swept*. 

Fast forward and now here we are in 2013 and I want to fly!  More specifically I want to participate and complete the runDisney Tinkerbell Half Marathon at Disneyland in January.   Now to take it one step further I want to complete the Tinkerbell Half is sub 3hours and to finish strong enough that if I had to I could keep running.  

I have decided to start blogging again as a way of sharing the journey over the next nine months, here I will share with you what works and what does not... 

ready to fly with me?


*race speak for being picked up by the pacers and transported to the finish line for being too slow

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Friday, April 5, 2013

I am RAD!

The registration is paid- and I am committed, on May 18th I am going to run my first 5K the Color Me Rad in Santa Rosa, CA, and I am crazy nervous but also super excited!  

This is the longest that I have ever stuck with any sort of fitness plan- I have been doing the Couch to 5K training app for two weeks.... ok more like one week and two days of week two... but it still more then the last couple times I started.  Why is it sticking this time- what is different from the fifteen plus years of "I want to loose weight and get fit" mantras from before- that is easy, its the support that I am receiving from those around me.  From my co-workers clapping when I showed up for the group "jillian shred" session, and  my running partner being at my house on Saturday morning with bribes of coffee after our long run to the pep talks from my personal trainer aka (my high school BFF) no really I have a personal trainer on speed dial- so what is  my excuse right???

The goals are different this time, of course I still want to be a "hot sexy mama", but this time I want to be fit so that I can keep up with my little man with a soccer ball, I want to join my husband on his annual twenty mile hikes and I want to live my life in a different way!

There is something so special with my little person wanting to run my intervals with me... when it says to walk and he keeps on running- oh to have the energy to keep up with him. my husband told me he was proud- my flippant response was "yeah I did two weeks... lets see if it sticks"... his response "it's the best you have done yet and you are doing great"...this was after he and friends lugged a treadmill upstairs for me so I can run in the rain.

... Disney has a song When you wish upon a star all your dreams come true- so along with wanting to run the Tinkerbell in 2014, I am making a wish that this becomes more then just one race- I am wishing this becomes a healthier lifestyle!