Sunday, May 10, 2009

to those women that have been there for me....

Lupe, Debbie, Amatchi, Mayie, Jenn, Kimberley, Chris, Lisa, CJ, Patti, Julie, and Jill
all of you wonderful women have been like a mother to be, where would I be without each and every one of you. I love you all, Happy Mothers Day!!!!!


Soxy Deb said...

That's very sweet and I'm sure all those women love you equally!

Happy Mother's Day!
(don't start with me, your doing the hardest mommy job there is right now)


Lisa P said...

Thanks--did you have a good one?

jennifer said...

I hope your day was wonderful Helga Marie.

Melissa said...

I just wanted to say Congratulations on your pregnancy! How exciting! We have an EJ too, but he's Elijah John.

Have a beautiful day.