Thursday, December 31, 2009

...farewell 2009, hello 2010

...hello friends, let us all scream for joy! The time has come to say farewell to 2009 and welcome to 2010! From now on to be referred to as the year of thirty!! We all know that for me 2009 was a year of exciting changes! The most exciting being the birth of our brand new baby boy! We have never been so happy in our entire lives-things are going great! Our little one has just turned 2months old, he is alert, and aware of the wonderful world around him everyday. His eyes are still a georgous slate blue, he is holding his head up...and smiles and coos when he realizes that people are paying attention to him!!!!
My immediate goals were to get married and have a baby before I turned thirty, I am in just under the wire...but guess what I did it! Next stop a degree, and credential to start teaching!!!

The year of thirty will be a year of change and hopefully the year we get out of debt.
Below I am listing each and everyone of my resolutions, no matter how personal because you friends are the only ones that I know will not judge, and that I can trust to hold me truly accountable! I will be balancing my checkbook each friday, and if it happens that we overspend, I am asking that each and everyone of you call me on it.. if I am not at church (and I know you will see me there) call me on it, and if I am caught eating cupcakes or cotton candy... please dear friends CALL ME ON IT!!! OK without further ado, below are my new years resolutions- 2010 is the year of thirty!!!
On March 8th, 2010- I am turning thirty years old!!!

Helga-Marie’s New Year’s Resolutions

The Year of 30

1. Go to church every sunday

2. Lose 30 pounds

3. Knit 30 gifts

4. Write at least 30 snail mail letters

5. Do not over draw my checking accounts

6. Participate in a 5K

7. Blog regularly

8. Scrapbook 30 layouts of EJ’s first year

9. Surround myself with positive individuals

10. Register, and complete my math requirments with a B or better

11. slow down-and just for fun-only read 30 books!!!!!!

Happy New Year bloggy friends!~!


Kelsey said...

Great resolutions... I love that you want to be accountable. Happy New Year to you!!!

PS-Adorable picture!

Brittany Ann said...

Happy New Year!

And your blog looks A-mazing!

Lisa P said...

I love resolutions, and I love your determination!