Monday, October 18, 2010

Disneyland 2010: Day 2: First day in the park

This morning we stayed in the condo for a  while
relaxing with some fresh brewed coffee.
Then we headed over to Disneyland
for our first day in the park itself!
We ran into a few characters 
right after coming in the gate

After talking to Gepetto and Chip
we traveled on to Tomorrowland
and caught the Jedi Training show
while we ate some lunch
Then onto Toontown where EJ enjoyed himself thoroughly!

 And visited Micky at his house

Then we decided to test EJ's bravery and take him on 
Pirates of the Caribbean, and he fell asleep about 1/2
way through! After that we putzed around and 
looked at all the stores until it was time for the 
evening parade.  After that, back to the condo to relax

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