Friday, September 21, 2012

Disneyland 2012

Today we headed out early to Disneyland.  We started out with some light pin trading trying to expand EJ's collection of mamarail pins.  We were feeling a disturbance in the force, so we headed to the Jedi Training Academy to check it out.

EJ didn't get in on the class, but he did think that Darth Vader was awesome, so I was satisfied.  Once Vader was vanquished we wandered over to DCA where we ran into some of our other friends who are down here.  We headed over to pick up our pick-nick lunch and our  entry tickets for World of Color

Then back over to Cars Land for some more Radiator Springs Racers!  I went through twice and it was awesome (I recommend the single rider line, it is WAY faster)!
We needed to cool off after that awesome racing around the Cars world! So we headed back to the puddle park where EJ once again had a great time.  Wile the kids were cooling off at the puddle park, the adults headed off to the Tower of Terror.
After EJ had cooled off enough, he and I went on Heimlich's Chew Chew Train.
By this time we were quite warm so we headed off to Grizzly River Run, but it was broken down, so we headed for Ghirardelli.  After sucking down the last of our yummy treat, we headed back over to check on Grizzly River Run, but it was still not working so we headed to Redwood Creek Challenge Trail to let EJ get some of his wiggles out.  Once he was finished running around we headed over and finally got onto Grizzly River Run and got plenty wet.  We headed over to Cars Land again to see if EJ needed any fun stuff with his allowence, he picked up a sweatshirt, a Lego Mater, and a plush Lightning McQueen.  Time for dinner and we decided on an old favorite, clam chowder!  By the time dinner was over, it was about time to head over for World of Color.  We met our friends the Hobbs there and started to enjoy the show.

Unfortunately, World of Color broke after about 20 minutes and so they gave us premium seating for tomorrow nights preference.  On our way out, we decided to check out Cars Land all lit up at night.

And then we went back to the hotel and ended another beautiful day in Disneyland!

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