Saturday, October 6, 2007

Starting Over... again

This is probably the fifth blog that I have ever started. As an avid reader there are a few Blogs that I always read. Tasra's, Jody's, Camy's and the newest addition to my daily reading Erynn's These women all do something that I truly envy, each is such an inspiration to me.
When my father passed, I started my last blog, and for whatever reason it's one that I still semi regularly read. because the email is gone, I am no longer able to modify it, so here I am once again starting a new blog. Not sure what the frequence of posting will be, nor if this is really something I am going to be able to stick with, but I have the myspace page, and so here is the blog, it's just me writing for me, and just maybe something that comes from my thoughts will be worth something to you my readers.

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