Thursday, April 9, 2009

"fake it till you make it"

last night someone said that you have to fake it until you make it
i do not really know how to fake faith, and lately i am not really feeling it
where do i go from here? i feel as if i am spiritually lacking, but i'm not sure where to begin.
i think i need to start over, i think i am going to start reading
Purpose Driven Life, and a few others that i have stacked up.
who knows maybe i will even open the Bible, cant tell you the last time that happened....


Mrs. Newlywed said...

I am reading The Purpose Driven Life for Lent, and I really like it.

It has little journal things to do everyday, and it has been a really great way to learn about myself.

The Naughty Princess: Mrs. Jaded said...

I don't think that fake it till you make it is meant as in fake your faith, I think it is meant as a way of telling you to even if you are not feeling the deeper presence you are hoping for, keep going through the motions and looking for what you need. God is not going anywhere, we are. The greatest thing about God is he will always be there and welcoming you back with open arms. If going through a tough pregnancy is challenging your faith, that is ok, it is just a way to make your faith stronger in the end. We all go through hard times, challenges, and great joys. The pregnancy may be your challenge and the birth your great joy...just remember at the moments you are lowest (and I mean both figuratively and literaly puking in the toilet low) that you always have the option to turn to God in prayer, hope, and plea! *Hugs*

Lisa P said...

I agree with both of your commenters. And I go to the promises in the Bible. I just read the last three chapters of Psalms yesterday, and it was a great reminder to me of who God is.

Angie said...

There are two great books that have helped me a lot:

Growing Deep in the Christian Life by Charles R. Swindoll

The Reflective Life by Ken Gire

Anonymous said...

You know, 'fake it 'till you make it' has always been really helpful for us. We agree with what others have said, it isn't about 'faking' your faith to others. For us it is about "acting as if" to allow yourself time to catch up... if that makes sense. And also when I act "as if" then the actions somehow make things become reality.

The other thing we have always been told is that the very act of being confused, or feeling any of the things you describe is proof of your faith. The discomfort is demonstrative that you care about your spirituality, and want to progress in your faith. Someone who isn't connected at all to pursuing spiritual growth simply wouldn't care - it would be irrelevant to them, not even on their radar.

Hope this helps... sending you smiles and a cyberhug,