Sunday, January 3, 2010

...2010 will be Holy, 2010 will be Healthy, and 2010 will be Happy..

The year of 30 will be H-cubed

Today in church Pastor Ron gave us a challenge, to memorize verses this year:
I am going to be very intentional in this (please hold me to this LP)
I have really been thinking about what this next year will hold for me.
I am excited to report after inspiration from this mornings closing prayer that
this year will be H-Cubed.

This year for me will be a Holy Year- I will be more intentional in my daily devotions, attendance to sunday services, and descriminating in what I expose my family too, especially when it comes to the books we read, and the programing we sit through.

This will be a Healthy Year- I have already chosen the 1/2 marathon that I will be participating in... the Avenue of the Giants ( as soon as I go back to work, and have an income again I will be registering for this event! Max and I both have been participating in the EA Active 30day Challenge (ok its only day two) but we are doing it together so that helps to have an accountability partner. I have as you already know already joined Weight Watchers with my Mom as well... I am only on day2 but I am off to a great start.

This will be a Happy Year- From intentionally surrounding myself with positive people, focusing my crafting to specific projects, and working/challenging our selves to become debt free. Slowing down and enjoying a novel, and I will be taking pleasure in simple things...

I truly belive if I can make 2010 a Holy, Healthy and Happy year- I am on the right track!!

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Lisa P said...

You asked, I will deliver! Sounds like a plan!