Monday, January 4, 2010

...just under the wire:

...Hi friends
wow, I am coming in just under the wire to post for January 4th!!!
as a ton of you already know I am obsessed with crafts,
my current obsession revolves around knitting, and I am a member of the
HPKCHC (which I explain here) over on Ravelry
-I wanted to share with you my OWL proposal of the School of Fish Afghan for EJ-
Please find below:

QallieQ of Slytherin, requesting to sit for the OWL in Defense Again the Dark Arts

1. Identify the pattern you will be using.
I will be knitting the Festive Fish Afghan. My friend Megan has already completed it and so will serve as a mentor when I need assistance with seaming and the crochet edge.

2. Photograph of the yarn(s)/needles/materials involved.
12 balls of My Family Baby Yarn-Size 8 Clover 6”needles each ball produces about 5 fish
image title
image title
3. Photograph of your swatch OR an explanation of why a swatch is not needed.
I have photographed my swatch along with my supplies.
Blue fish was size 7, yellow size 8….
I was so much happier with the result on size 8, so 8 it is!
image title

4. Two or three sentences describing the planned crafting sequence and analyzing any areas of potential difficulty or new skills needed.
To prove my proficiency at repelling the Cruciatus Curse, I have chosen a very tedious and fairly large project! I am sure that knitting, seaming, and weaving the ends of 45-60 fish will be very fiddly… and excruciatingly painful! In addition, this afghan will be for my sons’ bedroom, making this a selfless knit for someone else. I have had this yarn on hand since before he was conceived, and so I am excited to finally give it use. I will be learning a new skill with the crochet hook, when the time comes to add the border…
I may also add one or two red fish and a red border just for excitement and contrast but will not decide that until the 1/2way point. I will be using this site to plan the color placement, and determine if the red will make the cut:

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Lisa P said...

Can't wait to see your new fish!