Monday, August 2, 2010

...genetic nerd?

remember the TV show Firefly, or the movie Serenity??

well in our house you will regularly find it on the TV.

as it is one our favorite shows I decided that EJ needed his very own Jayne Cobb Hat

Pattern: ...nerd in training
Yarn: Red Heart Soft
Needle: size 6
Start to Finish: July 6 - July 10, 2010

we are trying to decide how to cultivate a nerd, without forcing our interests on him.

imagine, we subject him to all things great, WOW, Firefly, Dr Horrible, theguild, Harry Potter, Enders Game, or many of the other wonderful geek adventures available

… and he totally rejects our interests and becomes a varsity baseball player...

eee-gawds that would be awful!

Husbee and I both love all things nerdy, we regularly have dr. horrible on and
get a total kick out of watching our little squidlet dance along to the music.
we fully intend on bedtime stories of Tolkin, Rowling, Scott-Card, R. jordan, and many other great sci-fi and fantasy writers... but the other day we were thinking...
what if he ends up being more into sports??


Lil' Woman said...

Lol...that smile (and hat) is adorable!

Jennifer said...

That hat is almost as cute as your little guy!

Ha ha ha, my husband has always talked about sports and manly little man stuff for our son. I've always said, "just wait, one day he'll come home and say Dad, I want to dance!" or something... lol

dev said...

That hat is sooooo cute! I am also a nerd and hope to one day push, I mean instill, my coolness on my child. I too am a fan of WoW, The Guild, All things Nerdy and... well just listing those probably gets to the point.

Good luck on making your child nerdy! It's one of the best ways to be!

badmommy said...

I was thrilled when my "baby" embraced his inner self and proudly placed a GEEK sticker on the top of his laptop :-)