Saturday, August 7, 2010

....zaboo with both feet!

Setting the trend for what I hope will help me be an awesome Mom, I am planning to make EJ's halloween costume-hopefully it will turn out cool, so that we can use it for "Con" season as well... more bang for our buck if you
will ...the fabric is bought, so guess that means we are on our way making a Zaboo costume. I totally lucked out, the pattern calls for 1.3/4 yards of fabric for the tunic- the blue was $1.99/yard so I bought three just to be certain. I also purchased 1 yard of the crushed velvet red-just to add texture to the contrasting sections. and of course can't forget the gold trim.
The pattern was on sale for a mere $2 so score again. I am hoping to create the basic tunic shape as seen in the green, creating triangle slits for the red, as well as the panels of contrast that are in the original costume created by the ever so talented Sarah Trost

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DQwannaB said...

Oh my gosh, my husband and I love The Guild! I can't believe you made this costume for EJ. What a cute idea.