Sunday, May 20, 2012

...stringless Sunday!

There is a lady (Miss Kati or CJ to you Rav folks!
Whom I met via Ravelry that I slightly hero worship  (cant really explain it other then to say I think she is really cool and I wish she lived closed so that we could hangout IRL instead of just GooglePlus)
...anyways she has been talking about Stringless Sunday for weeks and how they will help her to find balance in her crafting and in theory produce more finished objects.

... I grew up with my mother quilting- being the perfectionist that she was, we were never given the opportunity to help her or join her in the crafting so this is not a skill I particularly have... other then my nursery corner tie quilt, flower basket and failed 9 patch.

That being said I have always wanted to learn how to quilt so that I can possibly make the beautiful creations that my mother is known for... even if she won't teach me.

This summer I will be teaching myself how to quilt- starting with paper piecing- I am sure this is not the best place to start but there is a quilt out on the internet that I really want to have as an FO: Project of Doom. designed by the amazing Jennifer Ofenstein

Take it one further I have the awesome privlidge of being taught to quilt by Miss Shannon Shaw the Owner of Rock Creek Quilts who I feel lucky enough to call my friend!   Ok time to quit writing a blog and head off and actually start this stringless sunday thing!  Here I go!!!!!

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Kati Dawson said...

Go Helga go! You can totally do it!