Thursday, July 3, 2014


...the why

living in a world of excess paying for storage and wearing less than 50% of my clothes that i own- when i realized that i have not had to do laundry in over a month reality struck and that change was needed....

i have signed up for the #project333 challenge, this means 33 article of clothing over a period of three months starting in july-sept-  inspired by several people that i follow on instagram from #project333 i discovered there is a "how to" course you can take here 

the plan is to use the blog as my location to track my progress and answer all the questions that are a part of the journal component of the webcourse....

goal for today is to track down some bins and box up my clothes into the garage- 
lets see if I can do this- wish me luck!  #project333 


What are your 3 favorite outfits?
Black Tank- Long Skirt- Flip Flops
Tagline tee- Jeans- slip on "toms"
Long sleeve dressy- skinny jeans- calf boots

What pieces in your closet would you never wear?
several of my dresses

Why are they still in there?
too lazy to purge, afraid to have remorse once they are gone

Is any of your clothing uncomfortable? (too small, too big,
scratchy material)
still have most of my "fat" clothes, plus a few "when I loose more weight" tops

Why are they still in there?
fear of purge remorse

Describe your lifestyle. Do you work outside of the home? Are
you active? Do you entertain frequently?
work full time, casual (jeans/tee), want to upgrade to cute fashionable, need a few "date" looks but pretty
much casual most of the time....

If you could start over and buy all new clothing, what items
would you include in your list?
love the idea of a modern retro look, simple clean lines, fun handmade pieces, circle skirts, sweatergirl,

Estimate how much money you have spent on clothing, jewelry, accessories and yes... shoes over the past 10 years. If you had that sum of money in your hands right now, would you spend it on
more than I want to acknowledge, and no- we would use the money towards debt-
our #1 goal is to be DEBT FREE!!!!!!

What would it feel like to put all of your jewelry and accessories away for 3 months except for your favorite scarf and necklace?
I would be ok, normally wear wedding set, angel ring, stud earings, cross or pearl-

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