Monday, April 29, 2013

...10K !!!! now that I have texted all my girlfriends- 
its time to put it on my blog- I am back into Size 12 jeans!!!!!!

Woo Hoo I did not die!!!

This is HUGE!!!
Now that I have experienced the distance- next weeks 5K is not nearly so daunting!

 I am super proud of me- wanna know the secret?  I invited a friends teenager to join me and she did not let me quit, nor was I going to quit with her there to push me.... not to mention when she did not hear the time to walk prompt and kept running.... I would have to catch back up to her- 
to the point where I think she was "not hearing" it on purpose!!

We decided early on to just go for a far as we could- and then call my hubby to pick us up-
this made it easier because I did not have to calculate a turn back distance!   

with Station II now complete- I think I could do Station III for the LOST in running challenge!!!

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