Saturday, September 10, 2011

...farewell Borders

Less than $100 and more than 30 novels brandnew- I have always loved Borders, the place where I have partied like a Rockstar dressed to impress the staff of Hogwarts- (HarryPotter 5/6/7 releases). I have spent countless hours in the cozy chairs amongst the classics of the literature section knitting just one more row whiles waiting for the release of Breaking Dawn the novel, and three of the four movies- where am I going to chant with the Tweens of America at 11:58pm "we want Edward" when finally there is a release of the newest cinema installment of Stephenie Meyers finest hours? *******************************

Farewell Borders, you have served me well,
don't take it too personal that I cleared out your shelves-
I promise to read them all!!!!

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