Monday, January 2, 2012

...out with the old- in with the new.

Happy New Year!  Out with the old and in with the new!

This year for me will be a Holy Year- I will be more intentional in my daily devotions, attendance to sunday services, focusing our family towards service, prayers with EJ nightly, turning to God first!

This will be a Healthy Year- I will once again participate in the Avenue of the Giants 1/2 Marathon. I will once again been participating in the EA Active 30day Challenge. Once EJ goes to bed at 8pm only then will I will watch Days and use the eliptical, I will be in bed with lights out by 10pm.

This will be a Happy Year- From intentionally surrounding myself with positive people, focusing my crafting to specific projects, and working/challenging ourselves to become debt free. Slowing down and enjoying a novel, and I will be taking pleasure in simple things.

My resolutions are simple:
1. work my way through the bible in a year
2. FPU baby steps 1 and 2
3. post every sunday night on this blog (yes i already failed)
4. be more active- train for a 1/2 marathon
5. keep positive, remember who and what actually matters!!

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