Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Giving Tree/ and our Tree

So this year I decided to take on a BIG project, and I only have until December 19th.
At work we have a giving tree, that features red hearts with names of people and what they want for Christmas. I picked my heart based on the first letter of the persons name.
The Heart that I got was for Hildelisa, Age74-F. I have decided to modify the pictured afghan for her. I really hope she ends up liking it.
Of course I just learned to knit, so hopefully she will also be forgiving of my efforts.

Today Max and I spent the day running around to different craft stores to find the required colors in required quantities, for this pattern.
I will try to keep you all updated on my efforts, of course worse case senario their is a backup plan... Bed Bath and Beyond, have beautiful lap blankets on sale...but I really do want to make this one from my heart. Merry Christmas Hildelisa, I am going to try to make you something very special.

If you want the pattern: Click Here

My Heart from the tree:

The yarn I purchased today, all spread out:

A picture of what my blanket should look like when finished:


In other news:

The Christmas tree is all decorated, we picked it up on 11/28 but because of my surgery it had to wait a few extra days to get beautified, then last Thursday when Max was working late, Joe and I decided to make it all Christmasy around the house.. in search of our Christmas Spirit.
Below are pictures of our efforts...Oh and a cute candid of Edison, one of my feline roommates.

So does anyone else have their tree up yet???


jennifer said...

The tree looked gorgeous! Ours is up too and our cat has been acting quites suspicious around it.

The colors for your blanket are so pretty. Hope that you will post pics when it is finished.

Saskia said...

Wow, I'm envious of your knitting skills... I'd have no hope of finishing a blanket like that! It will be lovely.

Your christmas tree looks beautiful!

Saskia x

AmyT said...

I think that will make a wonderful gift!! It's very sweet, and it will mean something. Your tree looks great!! And yeppers we have have ours up too!!!

Rachel said...

We did our the day after Thankgivings. Yours looks great and very festive!

The Naughty Princess: Mrs. Jaded said...

Looks like a big project, good luck on it, she will be very greatful and please I am sure!

Soxy Deb said...

Oaf, you better get to work. That's only 11 days left. Good luck to you, I'm sure she will love it.

Your tree looks beautiful. I posted some pics of mine last week. Such fun to decorate!!

An Atlanta Bride said...

That blanket is going to be so beautiful and comfy once it's completed!!

jennifer said...

Fleas Naviblah
Fleas Naviblah
Fleas Naviblah

Jose Quervo fleas n blah

I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas
I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas
I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas

From the bottom of my Heeeeeeart!

*You just can't tell me you are not having a good day without me juggling and playing court jester! Cheer up if you can. I might have to massacre another Christmas song if you don't!

Seriously? If you need anything let me know. I will be happy to pray for you.

Be blessed!