Friday, December 5, 2008

Random Facts... that you may not want to know....

Here are the rules:

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3. Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself
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*The Written Word, oatmeal packets, books, magazines, newspapers....any subject, any genre it does not matter, I just Love to read! (TMI) I will even read the instructions to tampons when sitting on the toilet, just because it has words... and after 10years of this fun, trust me I know how they work.

*My IPod features over 50 Christmas Albums: I love Christmas Carols- anytime of year I can listen to Christmas Carols.... I love nothing more then Christmas in July.

*Alphabets: There is just something about the seeing things in alphabetical order, every movie in our house is alphabetized, my book shelves are alphabetized by Genre and author, my music is alphabetized. When things are in alphabetical order, I find peace.

*I lay out my clothes: Ever since I was a little girl I have had to lay my clothes out the night before, as an adult I plan my outfit and set it on my dresser before I go to bed at night.

*I can not write X-mas (this blog is the exception, only as an explanation) no matter how much time it saves, someone once said to me that X-mas was crossing out Christ, and ever since then I have written out Christmas... even when its a small space, like on a calendar I write Christmas out in full.

*Kicks: I get on kicks.... I love cupcakes, so I collect random cupcake paraphernalia... Davinci Code caused me to read every book written on the Holy Grail (my current goal is to own a copy of DC in every language it was translated into), The Left Behind Books caused me to read multiple translations of the bible, Pink, when my mother was diagnosed with cancer last year, I saturated my wardrobe and accessories with the color pink. I get obsessive... I have to read and research every book ever written on the subject, own every item even similar, and discuss it with everyone I come into contact with... case in point.

Blogs Taggs:
It says to tag six people, and so the people that I chose for this challenge were my IRL bloggy friends, three of which are new to blogging because of my new obsession.
Without further ado, my taggs go to. Please visit their blogs and give them a little love, so they learn to love this as much as all of us.

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Happy blogging friends.


Saskia said...

Loved hearing your answers! I'm totally with you on the x-mas thing :)

binks said...

The written word.... were you spying on me? I read everything too. Lately it has been paint cans and power tool instructions but I am not above a tampon box.

I never got too pink obsessed, although I read a good deal about the whole deal. Grandmother, Aunt, Cousin, Sister - very scary.

No wonder you were having trouble with the Christmas spirit. Maybe you are suffering from the dreaded Christmas Carol overdose.
I love those memes - you get to learn so much!