Thursday, December 4, 2008

Your Elf Name Is: Trixie Candy Cane Lips

Hey friends, I

have not been feeling very Chirstmasy this year.

Not sure why, we have the tree, but its as bare as it was when hubby brought it home.

Wish I could find my Christmas spirit soon, maybe at the Tea Party this weekend.

Please tell me if you see my Christmas Spirit, I am starting to miss it.

PS: even my elf name feels off...


Soxy Deb said...

I'm sorry your not feelin it. I know how that is.
On the bright side, your elf name sounds like your a stripper. No, really. That WAS the bright side.

{{HUGS}} Hope you find your spirit.

Lisa P said...

I usually find my spirit with people. But that's just me, and it has to be the right combination of people. Maybe you'd find your Christmas spirit at our house?

binks said...

You didn't find any spirit with the amazing black Friday notebook? (I am still sitting here with my mouth open.
I am with you, hard finding it this year and not sure we will even have a tree because there is no room. Get to decorating that tree, that always helps to cheer me up.