Sunday, March 15, 2009

...another one bites the dust...

Well, that kinda stinks, I lost more followers.....less people love me :(
I hardly ever post, mainly because I am lazy however I do check my reader daily.
Let's see whats going on in my world... not alot.
I am still knitting, though I do have to delay my next two lessons until April since my month (March) is chalked full of Birthday hoopla.

Last tuesday for my 29th (which was 3/8) Babe and I went to see Wicked,
the show was amazing, I loved the entire proformance it was awesome.
Dinner with Amatchi and Tantta was pretty fabulous as well.

My actual birthday was pretty low key, just a fabulous dinner with our dear sweet newly engaged friends S&G (so happy for you kids!)

and then today..... we are celebrating Babe's 30th today (3/13 actual), with family bowling... I will let you know how I do.... should be fun with the little ones.

Challenge Update: I keep promising reviews but have yet to write any, so here is just a list of what I have read soo far from the list.

PS: I might have big news soon~!!!!!


Lil' Woman said...

Welcome back!! : )

Mamarazzi said...

ya know the followers thing might be a glitch. i noticed that i lost a lot of followers when blogger changed their follower format. actually they were still there...they just had been switched over to following as private instead of public. you might want to check in with your fololowers and see if this is the case.

thanks for all of your sweet comments on my blog! i appreciate it a lot!

jlc said...

I heart Wicked!!!! Oh wow what's the news??? You're making us anxious!

jennifer said...

When I went private I lost a follower. I have lost and gained and lost and gained again followers multiple times. I realized it was meaning more to me than it should. So I moved the follower box down on my sidebar a bit and just quit looking at it. There are people who mean the world to me that I need to hear from that don't follow me.

Isn't it a hoot to talk about "followers"? I feel so cultish :)

jennifer said...

Oh! And I'm going to see Wicked in April and my heart just races when I think about it!!!

Soxy Deb said...

well you haven't lost me. I just can't find enough time in the day to get everything done. but I'm not lost. I left bread crumbs and should have no problem finding my way back.