Wednesday, April 3, 2013 seems so simple

I am Desperate- with a capital D- and its getting worse-
I don’t want much, just these couple of things-
1.    Family Prayer time
2.    I don’t want to be such a screamer
3.    I want time to shower EVERYNIGHT!!!
4.    I need time to KNIT!!!!!!!
5.    Balance Budget-organized grocery shopping!
6.    Home-made meals (family dinner)
7.    Tidy Bathrooms
8.    Less than two loads of laundry pending
9.    Time to exercise
10.  A bedroom conducive to “loving”
Ok so I have all these aspirations of a clean/neat/tidy/organized house.
Did I mention I want to be calm, serene, and loving at all times?
Then there is this thing called reality-
There are 45613247654 loads of laundry in front of the washer.
Another sixtybillion piles in our bedroom, and even more on the floor/bathroom and hallway.
So- I get a brilliant idea- I am going to clean our house top to bottom.
I buy the bottle of bleach, and container of Comet, I get all my stuff ready-
… and then my son decides he wants to help- by organizing the DVD’s
and by Organizing I mean
Pull them off the shelf and lay them on the floor.
The garage looks like a monster built of cardboard- that is going to take over-
I guarantee no committee in their right mind would want me on their planning staff-
-but wait it gets worse- dinner- but to do make dinner we have to wash dishes-
oh and that means we need cupboard space.
No wonder we eat out three millions days per week!!!
Toys everywhere- and I really do mean everywhere…
ever tried to find “the mood” and land on a duplo?

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Marian Brughes said...

My dear, It is so hard when it all piles up on you! And I am learning that there is never a whole day to yourself (or your house), so all you can do is deep breaths, complain to us in the same boat, and know you are doing your best. You will reach your goals!!! Keep them in mind and chip chip chip away at them. Your goals are big, too- I don't think with work and kid there will be time every day to knit AND exercise AND cook, so perhaps these activities will have to rotate. Perhaps a dish purge for cabinet space? When we move back, a weekly cleaning trade? (My sister and I used to do this- an hour a week we would get together at each other's house and clean together, because that is fun, whereas cleaning alone is not fun. We got a ton done)
So lets pray for a house for us in Petaluma and we'll be closer soon to help :)
Meantime, try not to sweat the chores, they are not an indicator of your worth!!!